Shamenda scatters KCM’s PAYE repayment plans

PF creating enough jobs – Shamenda
Government has directed mining giant Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) management not to go ahead with their plan of deducting money from their employees’ salaries in a bid to correct the anomaly of under paying pay as you earn for its workers for many years to the Zambia Revenue Authority.

Addressing a media briefing in Lusaka today, Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda says no employee will be adversely affected through backdated deductions of pay as you earn by KCM.

Mr. Shamenda adds that if the company has already deducted from its employees, workers should be refunded immediately.

He notes that KCM has a legal obligation to deduct the appropriate and correct tax from employees’ emoluments and remit such tax to the tax authority.

Mr. Shamenda has since summoned KCM Management and Mine Unions to his office for a meeting to chat a way forward on the matter.

It has been reported that KCM has effective this month, started deducting different amounts of money from selected workers.

Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) undertook a tax audit on KCM Plc covering period 2006 to 2011 financial year.