Exams nullification ruled out

Education Permanent Secretary Chishimba Mkosha says government has no intentions of nullifying the ongoing 2013 examinations.

Mr.Mkosha told journalists at a media briefing in Lusaka today that there are no sufficient grounds to warrant the nullification of the examinations stating that preventive measures have been taken and candidates engaged in exam malpractices have been arrested.

Mr. Mkosha says the high number of arrests made by authorities and the increased number of candidates expelled from the entire examination process for carrying pre-written materials illustrates the stringent measures that government has effected to curb examination malpractices and enhance vigilance.

He notes that for the first time in the history of the country, the teachers that were arrested were immediately suspended as earlier promised that government would institute stringent measures to deal with those suspected or found guilty of exam malpractices.

He says this is a plus and that measure will deter would be offenders in perpetrators in future.

Mr Mkosha adds that the number of pupils who may have benefited from the examination leakages this year is next to nothing compared to the past due to the measures taken to curb the vice.

Mr. Mkosha however, has expressed disappointment over the big number of teachers and pupils who have been arrested as a result of engaging themselves in malpractice.

And Examination Council of Zambia Director Michael Chilala says the examinations body is working with the ministry of Education to make sure that exam malpractices are prevented.

Mr. Chilala notes that ECZ has been following information given to them relating to exam malpractices and have realized that the opportunity benefit to those who intended to cheat has been almost zero.