Political parties, activists and analysts should emulate development countries – Kachingwe

Major Richard Kachingwe - Right
Political analysts and activists in the country have been advised to focus their attention of debates on offering checks and balances to the government as opposed to championing debates on changing the government.

MMD faction leader Richard Kachingwe has observed that it is too early for the country to start debating the change of government merely two years after an election that ushered in a new government.

Major Kachingwe says currently what the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) government needs is constructive criticism as they still have three years before their term to govern the country comes to an end.

Major Kachingwe says however notes that it is important for the opposition in the country to be strong enough to offer credible checks and balances.

He says opposition political parties and political activists and analysts should emulate how politics are done in development countries such as the Britain and America where the opposition give respect to the government that has been elected after an election as opposed to thinking of over throwing it.

The MMD faction leader was speaking to Qfm in an interview