Toyota (Z) donates aluminium scrap

Aluminium Recycling
TOYOTA Zambia has given aluminium scraps to Chazanga Aluminium Recycling Entrepreneurs (CRE) through the National Technology Business Council (NTBC).

The firm at the weekend handed over the aluminium scrap worth K375, 000, which will go towards the project that was formed out of the International Design Development Summit (IDDS) which was held in Lusaka recently.
Some residents of Chazanga have been recycling aluminium scrap and then manufacture pots and other metal products, which they sale to earn income.
Speaking during the handover ceremony, Toyota Zambia corporate affairs manager Gilbert Mfuya said the commitment and innovation by the residents on the project prompted the donation.
Mr Mfuya said Toyota wanted to see how the company could partner with organisations like NTBC to empower the community further with the skills and abilities so that they could be able to earn a living out of the skill.
She said Toyota Zambia’s commitment was to grow together with the community.
“So we would love to grow together with the community in way of improving livelihood,” Mr Mfuya said.
He explained that when the company saw that raw materials were the main challenge the people were facing in making the products it decided to partner with them.
During the vehicle preparations process, some pieces of aluminium are taken out and previously they were just thrown away or given out to other entities.
Mr Mfuya said the company felt that it was better to empower those in the scrap metal sector.
NTBC director Jonathan Tambatamba said the donation would be useful to the team as they would conduct more tests for an efficient furnace.
Dr Tambatamba said the donation was a clear indication that Toyota Zambia’s commitment to supporting programmes aimed at improving lives of people in needy communities around Zambia.
Among the projects which came out of the IDDS Summit is the improved version of a furnace which the residents in Chazanga are using to make variety of products which they are selling.