FIRE sweeps through specialist repair garage in Kitwe

handover ceremony of ten fire engines
handover ceremony of ten fire engines
FIRE has swept through Merc-Motors garage in Kitwe reducing to rubble four Mercedes Benz cars and one Mitsubishi Pajero.

The garage which specialises in repairing German-made vehicles, however, managed to rescue 27 other cars from being gutted in Kitwe’s light industrial area on Saturday night.

The four Mercedes Benz cars and a Pajero were among the 27 cars taken to the garage for repairs, when they were engulfed in an inferno.

The value of the damaged cars has not been established.

Kitwe City Council (KCC) Chief fire officer Stanley Sichivula said the incident occurred around 20:00 hours on Saturday and that firemen managed to rescue 27 vehicles.

Mr Sichivula said one of the workers at Merc-Motors had delayed in calling the fire brigade and that if he had alerted firemen on time, all the vehicles that were burnt in the inferno would have been saved.

Mr Sichivula said the firefighters managed to put off the fire with the help of Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) fire engines and fighters.