Emmanuel Mwamba attends Africa International Digital Broadcasting Summit

New Media, Old Media
Information and Broadcasting services Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba has stated that the media is key to the informing citizens on the revolution taking in Africa.

Speaking when he gave a vote of thanks to United Republic of Tanzania’s Vice President, Dr. Mohammad Garibaldi Bilal’s speech in Arusha Tanzania, today, Mr. Mwamba stated that the media is preoccupied with negative stories on poverty, disease and underdevelopment.

He stated that Africa was experiencing an unprecedented growth in its economies, and was developing its infrastructure in health and education to combat poverty.

The Permanent Secretary stated that Africa’s biggest potential in mining, agriculture, arts and Tourism is being exploited and required the media in Africa to tell this good story.

He pointed out that Zambia successfully hosted the 2013 United Nations World Tourism Organisation in Livingstone, an opportunity that marketed Africa’s tourism assets.

He urged the media in Africa to ensure that all broadcasting houses met the deadline on digital migration but also increased their presence on non-traditional platforms such as online media, facebook and twitter.

Mr. Mwamba is in Arusha Tanzania to attend the Africa International Digital Broadcasting Summit hosted by the Southern Africa Broadcasting Association (SABA) WERE he is leading a team from Independent Broadcasting authority (IBA) and ZNBC.And Tanzania’s vice president, Dr. Mohammad Garibaldi Bilal urged the media in Africa to promote tourism as it had the potential to grow Africa’s economies.

He urged countries that have not met the digital migration SADC deadline to learn from Tanzania which has successfully finished its phase one.