You can’t treat us like this, fumes Rainford Kalaba

Rainford Kalaba
Rainford Kalaba

GOVERNMENT has confiscated passports from    TP Mazembe Zambia internationals Rainford Kalaba, Nathan Sinkala and Stopilla Sunzu.
And Kalaba is upset with the treatment he and his colleagues endured on Friday when they were denied exit at Kasumbalesa border post and the confiscation of the passports.
The travel documents were grabbed from the players by Copperbelt region immigrations officers on Friday night after three hours of interrogations for alleged breaching immigration regulations.
The trio was last week alleged to have travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) without undergoing immigration procedure, a case which immigration officers have failed to prove.
“They have just taken their passports…we have been advised to come on Monday,” lawyers representing the players, Derrick Mulenga from Derrick Mulenga and Company, said after interrogations on Friday night.
“The reason is that clearance can only be given on Monday (tomorrow).”
The players will return to the immigration offices tomorrow at 08:00 hours.
The department‘s public relations officer Namati Nshinka said: “The passports are with the department to facilitate investigation.
Asked if Government will hand back the travel documents, Nshinka refused to confirm saying “I don’t have details on that matter.”
An arrest warrant was issued for the players after it was alleged that the three had sneaked out of Zambia without undergoing through immigration formalities after their were declared unfit to travel to China for Zambia’s international friendly against Brazil.
Zambia lost the match 2-0.
Mulenga explained that Sunzu and Sinkala have been in Lusaka since last Saturday while Kalaba was in Ndola before the players reported themselves to the immigration authorities at the Kasumbalesa border post on Friday.
The players were denied exit at the border post and requested to accompany immigration officers to Ndola.
At the regional immigration offices in Ndola, the players with their lawyers were taken in for questioning at about 17:00 hours.
The Chipolopolo stars were cross-examined for three-and-half hours before confiscating their travel documents and were released at 20:32 hours.
Freddie Chalenga of Freddie and Company, the other lawyer representing the players said much as the players had an obligation to play for their country, they were also tied to contractual commitments at the club.
The players were called up for national duty but TP Mazembe announced that Kalaba and Sinkala had been diagnosed with malaria while Sunzu suffered a knee injury during the Confederation Cup semi-final first leg against Malian side Stade Malien in Bamako three weeks ago.
“It is so annoying to be treated like this especially only a year ago we brought honour to this country,” an upset Kalaba, credited for his influential role in leading Zambia to lifting the maiden African Cup trophy, said.
“I cannot believe this is happening.”
Meanwhile, STEPHEN PHIRI reports that football enthusiast Langton Sichone has urged Minister of Sports Chishimba Kambwili to counsel the three players.
Sichone said yesterday that Kambwili should advise the players on how to conduct themselves.
He said the three are still young and need guidance for them to grow up as responsible citizens.
“We need to forgive the three footballers and counsel them than to subject them to arrests and harsh treatment. They are our heroes after winning the Africa Cup,” Sichone said.


  1. As always we really don't not now the full story. But I have an increasing worry about reports of people being treated as guilty before their cases are even examined. This is not the Zambia I have grown to love and respect.


  2. Its so funny how shallow we as Zambians think. Am embarrassed and disappointed in our governments actions and some of you individuals. please try understand the football realm and the laws attached to it. Honestly its not fair to treat the so called mailon brothers as they are being treated. Its not a must that those guys should play for the national team, actually they are doing us a big favour playing for us. Tp mazembe is there employer, Zambia is just there country. Am not supporting them but am stating the facts.

  3. Our Govt officials over-reacted because the gallant players didn’t commit any offence. Not being able to play for Chipolopolo is isn’t a crime. This is the problem when ‘yes sir’ people are put in position of authority.

  4. what these guys have done for Zambia is too much to be treated like criminals over a friendly game. A player cant leave a CLUB for any national duty calls unless the country makes a request thru the club and the club accepts. this is supposed to be between TP and FAZ not our Gov VS the players. if they disobey the club and end up being fired, can Zambia be paying their salaries.

    • If thz paganz dnt wana play 4 zed thy cn go 2 hel in du cos we wl replac em. I u r dak bt dnt let ur undastndng b dak 2. Hatin som1 n th atitud 2 two dfrent thngz, if at o u giv it a benefit of undstndng. Ilitrec hs got no medcin bcarefu it myt atack u ka,,,,,,hahahahahahahahaha

  5. Is Kalaba the spokesperson for the other Mailon brothers? He talks too much and being a member of the victoria’s team does not make him immune to the law especially after breaking it deliberately. At afcon 2012 we almost lost the game after he misd the penalty the way he has misd his loyalty to Zambia.

  6. Unda th sun hw posibl z it 2 punish TP katumbi, i dnt thnk it cn hapen. Displin hs 2b imposd on thes vry boyz. Hw do u go displin mwana wabene livn ur own fu of indisplin. Tht dosnt wek,fifa cn wek on mazembe nt govt mor ova katumbi wont acept th chagz plecd against hm lyk a fu in th midl of nower,coz vry boyz dnyd playn on their own. Am sure most of us hed kalaba on tv

  7. Let em face th rath of th law,bakaule bambuzi aba. Atase thy think thy r vry special thn any1 else kupusa kwao asakala aba. Mwakaula

    • so Alexander u r telin me at ur age u cnt distngush btwin hatn som1 n hatin th atitud. So dsapointd any-we i undastnd nt evry hed cary brainz som r jst shelz!

    • umuntu mutwe there is nothing like attitude and personality chana. its one and the same thing. My attitude is who I be.

    • I knw its nt esy 2 undstnd bt in du cos u wl undstnd th mata at hand. 4 Tp katumbi 2 eye thez gyz its coz of their country,frendly o nt frendly thy hv 2 ther nationo duty. If david luis cn go play frendly hu th hel r thes gyz n hw special r thm nt 2 b playin frendlyz. Think lik a man buddy,vopapatila vinasila its nw a world of competion,if som1 z busy mekaling wel let em go 2 hel n replac em b4 thy evn reach ther

  8. indeed they can fume and be upset.these guys are employed by TP mazembe,and we all know Moses was all behind this and what the gvt is doing is to punish TP mazembe,thats all.but it may cost us the dedication of the players to national duties.kalaba can resign from national team but Sunzu is a humble guy and can still continue despite all this sure the payback on TP Mazembe is done and the can will be dropped by the end of the week or give them suspended sentence. and by the way any1 know the results of TP Mazembe?

  9. Boma ni boma.its also annoying to behave the way you behaved a year after bringing honour to this country.If you do that again we will send ZRA to pounce on you and you will be finished.kalaba just apologize don't talk too much or you will be sighted for over speaking .

  10. Mwalisamwa saana lelo ulemwenako ka kalaba malaria. Charge them heavily until they crack. Let they pay or face jail maka maka. We have mukuka mulenga, kondwani mutonga nd Bronson chama to take there places. They cant play in europe if they aint playn 4 zed

    • The sooner you accept that these guys are STARS the better. TP mazembe is one of the best clubs in africa, the trio have earned their respect, they have done alot for Zambia.

  11. Let them get the Congo ones!Discipline has no boundaries.It could be political,school,church,homes included,it has to prevail!!