Tame your cadres,HH tells PF

PF Cadres youth Day Boostele photo
PF Cadres youth Day Boostele photo
Opposition United Party for National Development Leader, Hakainde Hichilema, has called on the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership to tame their cadres who are on rampage attacking innocent people in Lusaka.

Speaking when he addressed the people who were attacked on Wednesday by some suspected PF cadres in Mandevu, Mr. Hichilema says there is no doubt that the police know the culprits but do not want arrest them because they belong to the ruling party.

Mr. Hichilema has expressed sadness at the manner in which the police are handling cases involving PF cadres saying they are promoting hooliganism among the PF cadres.

He says the police should not wait for people to remind them of their duties but provide a service to the Zambian people.

The UPND leader claims the PF has become unpopular in most parts of the country because they have completely failed to control their cadres who are on rampage destroying people’s property.

He has since urged the police to quickly arrest the known suspects from Inter City Bus Terminus who attacked people on Wednesday.

And one of the attacked people believed to be the person the culprits followed has narrated to journalists that the cadres wanted to kill him because he accommodated the UPND members who had gone to attend a recent rally in Mandevu.

Haggai Mwikuta says the cadres attacked him in day light and that despite reporting the case to the police, no arrest has been made even after giving them the full details.

Mr. Mwikuta says the cadres had on several occasions threatened him but that he did not take the threats seriously until he was attacked by some known people who destroyed windows to five flats, his car and a Kathemba.