Seven drown in Lake Mweru

Luapula– Lake Mweru
SEVEN people, including a baby have drowned, while seven others swam to safety after the boat they were in capsized on Lake Mweru.

Four of the deceased were Zambians, while the other three were Congolese.
The incident happened on Monday around 18:00 hours on Lake Mweru on the Congolese side.
Zambia police deputy public relations officer Rae Hamoonga identified the deceased persons as Peggy Chibwe, 50, of Kabeke, Sitete, 47, and two unidentified bodies of a woman and her baby of chief Nchimba’s area in Kilwa Island in Nchelenge District.
The bodies have been retrieved but are still at Kilwa Mulenga in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
A team of Zambian officials, including police officers would be dispatched to Congo to verify the cause of the accident.
Mr Hamoonga said a Congolese boat with 14 passengers and cargo travelling from Kilwa Island in Zambia to Kilwa Mulenga in DRC is believed to have capsized due to the strong winds.
Out of the 14, nine were Zambians and five Congolese nationals.