Nevers Mumba dismisses Dr. Alex Ng’oma’s analysis that the opposition cannot oust PF

Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Nevers Mumba
Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Nevers Mumba has dismissed political analysis that the current fragmentation of the opposition in the country poses no threat to President Michael Sata’s chances of bouncing back to power in the 2016 elections.

Political Scientist Dr. Alex Ng’oma has noted that the opposition stand no chance of removing President Sata from State house in 2016 owing to their fragmentation which will result in split votes.

Speaking to Qfm in an interview, Dr. Mumba says the change of government through an election is dependent on what people want and not the strength or the fragmentation of the opposition.

Dr. Mumba says this is why the Patriotic Front (PF) managed to win the 2011 elections despite the opposition being fragmented because the change of government then was dependent on what sort of government people aspired to have.

Dr. Mumba has maintained that the same thing will happen in 2016 when people decide whether to change government or not.