Sata explains the 10 percent Executive salary increment

President Michael Sata has clarified that the 10 percent salary increment awarded to him and other members of the Executive was awarded by the Standing Orders Committee and not him.

The Head of State explains that salaries and allowances for the President, Vice- President, Chief Whip, Leader of Opposition, Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and Members of Parliament are determined by the Standing Orders Committee of Parliament.

President Sata explains that the procedure is once the Standing Orders Committee has determined what increment to award, the Minister of Finance issues a Statutory Instrument.

He says the Standing Orders Committee which includes opposition Members of Parliament met and came up with an increment of 10 per cent taking into account the national resource and notwithstanding the fact that the civil service was awarded increments ranging from 0 per cent to more than 150 per cent.

President Sata emphasised that this decision was made at Parliament by both ruling party and opposition Members of Parliament, whose salaries have equally been revised upwards.

He has since urged all opposition Members of Parliament to take time and explain the adjustment to their party leaders to avoid shooting themselves in the foot.

This is contained in a statement issued to QFM News by special assistant to the president for press and public relations George Chellah.


  1. Funny that no matter which country or political system on this issue. The panels who are also the beneficiaries of their decision always agree on this point. They do not seem be aware of the message this sends to the people.

    Why do excessive wage demands surface following an announcement like this. I wonder. It does not help either if politicians make promises they cannot and in the interest of the economy should not deliver. Better to scrutinize not just pay for workers of the big Internationals but also their employment conditions. Much to do.

    J. Meyer