PF expels Sikwindi Situla over Fourth Republic Party involvement

Wynter Kabimba
PATRIOTIC Front (PF) assistant secretary general in charge of political affairs, Sikwindi Situla has been expelled from the ruling party for alleged indiscipline and involvement in the formation of the Fourth Republic Party.
Lameck Kamalo
Lameck Kamalo

PF deputy Secretary General, Bridget Atanga, said Mr Situla exhibited disobedience after he was asked to exculpate himself within 24 hours.
Ms Atanga, citing the party constitution in Articles 15 and 18, said she had the powers to discipline a party member who had exhibited indiscipline and insubordination towards higher authorities.
She said Mr Situla went on to antagonise Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba in the media by making various allegations against him.
“I wrote a letter to Mr Situla suspending him over allegations surrounding the Fourth Republic Party which he is implicated in, I directed him to exculpate himself within 24 hours but instead, he responded through the media, which is indiscipline,” Ms Atanga said.
Mr Situla said he was not answerable to Ms Atanga but to President Michael Sata and that the announced expulsion was null and void.
“I wonder which President Mr Situla is referring to because President Sata cannot tolerate such indiscipline. I don’t know may be he reports to another ‘President’, I wrote a letter to him but he decides to answer through the media,” Ms Atanga said.
She said that Mr Situla was not operating from the party secretariat but that he was operating from PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s law firm.
She said it was unfortunate that Mr Situla had continued to issue tribal statements, which could cause further divisions. Ms Atanga said Mr Situla should tell the nation his alleged involvement with the Fourth Republic Party as told by interim president,  Lameck Kamalo, who resigned last week.
Mr Kamalo said in his resignation letter addressed to Mr Situla that he did not want to be involved with the alleged parallel structure that was being claimed to be formed in the ruling party.
Mr Kabimba is also alleged to be behind the formation of parallel structures in the party, with some Central Committee members calling for his removal.
In a Press statement dated October 14, 2013, Mr Situla accepted full responsibility over what he termed as intention to form the Fourth Republic as a non-governmental organisation.
“By the same token, I take full responsibility of the thoughts of the Fourth Republic as a non-partisan, non-governmental concept and stand by its intended objectives of promoting equity and equality among all Zambians,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Situla has challenged people saying he had formed a political party to provide ‘impeccable evidence’ before the Zambian people suggesting that, he and Mr Kabimba and his perceived agents had formed and registered the said party.
“We demand for a duly completed form prescribed by the Registrar of Societies dated otherwise after I was appointed by His Excellency the President. A certificate of registration and certified copies of the party constitution and a legitimate copy of minutes accompanied by the necessary appointment letters of office bearers including that of Mr Lameck Kamalo,” he said.


  1. Does everyone have authority to fire in PF?

    Today's story says "Sikwindi Situla dismisses PF expulsion, writes to Sata"