Law does not allow companies to dismiss a lot of workers – Labour Minister

PF creating enough jobs – Shamenda
Government has given Shoprite Checkers and the Union ten days to resolve their differences regarding the salaries for the three thousand Shoprite workers across the country.

Speaking to journalists after a two-hour meeting with Shoprite management and union leaders in Lusaka today,Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda says Shoprite workers should not strike over the minimum wage because the SI was meant for the vulnerable and not for Multinational companies like Shoprite.

Mr.Shamenda has since urged all striking Shoprite workers to go back to work tomorrow morning and that those that will not report for work risk losing their jobs.

Mr. Shamenda adds that none of the three thousand workers have lost their jobs and it is important that workers take their jobs seriously.

He has urged the two parties to come up with a reasonable wage structure that will benefit both the workers and the company.

The minister explains that the law does not allow companies to dismiss a lot of workers at a goal but should notify the Minister at least sixty days before taking such an action.

Mr. Shamenda has since urged Shoprite Checkers to provide their workers with decent working conditions.

And sources within Shoprite have revealed that the company has lost over one million dollars in the three days the workers have been on strike.


  1. @snow u dot knw wat u ar toking about,they shud go back to south africa coz it's them who have failed.