Increase in Executive’s salaries ill-timed – Chanda

Open Society Foundation Executive Director Sunday Chanda
Open Society Foundation has described as ill-timed and patriotic the decision by government to increase salaries for the Executive and members of the legislature.

Executive Director Sunday Chanda in a statement issued to QFM wonders why such increments should be made at a time when the nation faces serious economic challenges such as creating jobs for the nation’s unemployed youth.

Mr Chanda says his organisation is of the considered view that if the reported salaries are a true reflection of what has taken place, Government should reverse the decision because it is ill-timed considering that PF has aligned itself with the Centre-left ideology, focusing on the working class and the poor people in creating a better life for them.

He says Zambia is yet to create a better life for its citizens and Government must be in the fore-front sacrificing.

Mr Chanda says the Zambian people have sacrificed through the removal of subsidies and it is high time that Government was seen to be sacrificing too.

He adds that Zambia is still grappling with high poverty levels and the country is yet to dismantle the huge burden of unemployment, especially among youths.

Mr Chanda has also called on Government to ensure the fired Shoprite Workers are reinstated and their conditions of service addressed by management.

He states that Zambia cannot afford to see jobs being lost when the burden of joblessness has not yet been dismantled.

He says Zambia cannot afford to see its citizens being rewarded peanuts by Shoprite when their counterparts in South Africa are paid far much higher wages.

Mr Chanda says Shoprite has a duty to reflect on salary scales as they exist in South Africa and apply them Zambia noting that their business venture is profitable in Zambia.

He adds that these are the disparities that Government must handle and ensure that foreign investors, such as Shoprite do not play double standards in treating their workforce.