Zambia Railways train catches fire

A fire burnt some passenger coaches on the Zambia Railways north-bound train on 11th October, 2013 at 21:45hours.

ZRL Chief Executive Officer, Professor Muyenga Atanga has confirmed the incident in a statement released to QFM News that the incident happened at Natebe 20km from Livingstone.

Professor Atanga has revealed that ZRL personnel managed to evacuate all the passengers and their cargo on time.

He says the quick action saved the lives of all the passengers on board the train and that there were no casualties or fatalities.

Professor Atanga states that despite the above stated occurrence Zambia Railways Management will and continues to grantee the safety of the equipment machinery, and above all the lives of highly valued customers.

He adds that extra measures are already being put in place to enhance the safety of our customers.

Professor Atanga furthermore adds that in the meantime there will still be movement of passengers and more initiatives are being put in place to enhance our capacity as soon as possible