People expected budget allocations to the referendum – Magande

NMP president Ng'andu Magande
NMP president Ng'andu Magande
The opposition National Movement for Progress (NMP) has called for the availing of a clear road map on current constitution making process now that some money in the 2014 national budget have been allocated to the adoption of the country’s new constitution.

In the 2014 national budget the PF government has allocated 42 billion kwacha to the preparatory works towards the adoption of the country’s new constitution.

NMP president Ng’andu Magande has however observed that people in the country expected that the 2014 budget would have indicated allocation of funds to the referendum on the draft constitution.

Mr. Magande also notes that it is important that the PF government indicates as to whether it will use a white paper inquiry or not after the final draft constitution has been submitted to the President.

Mr. Magande further notes that his party does not expect that the PF government puts up an in inquiry on the final document of the constitution like the commissions of inquiry that the President had been establishing in the country.