Highlight : BRUCE Daniel Mutambala “ID13”



BRUCE Daniel Mutambala, 22, otherwise known as ID13 is an upcoming young rapper based in Ndola who is determined to become an international artiste some day.

ruce was called to be a musician at an early age but could not go ahead because he had to complete his education which included college. He said despite this, he was still able to go out and record in small studios.

After completing his secondary education Bruce went to pursue electrical engineering at Northern Technical College (NORTEC) in Ndola before he could enter the music industry.

He is planning to go back to school after two years to pursue a degree in electrical engineering.

Bruce entered the big studios early this year after completing his course at NORTEC and has already released a song going by the title “Balupwa” produced by Cream Dollar which he says people who have listened to it love as it talks about real life issues.

On his current projects Bruce has managed to work with big artistes like Afunika on a track called “Night Shift” also produced by Cream Dollar. The song talks about everyone who works at night like musicians. The other track “Wakula” features B’nel and was produced by Sunny Brex. The song counsels young men and women reaching maturity.

These two tracks will be out this week.

Bruce says despite his whole family being against his love for music he is determined to continue rapping.

Bruce was been inspired by singers like PK Chishala, Picheni Kazembe, Oliver Mtukuzi, Paul Ngozi and not rappers as these people sing about real life situations.

As a word of encouragement to anyone who wants to join the music industry, Bruce says education must always come first and that music should not stop you from going to school.

Bruce’s album will be released next year in March and will feature different artistes.

By ETHEL SEKETA –  Times of Zambia


  1. Comment: i wish u to rise from where u are and stand i have tasted your voice… Its a #GOLDEN granted one.. 😘✌👌