YBA takes Zambian Music across borders

Yaga Boyz with Artillery
Yaga Boyz with Artillery
Yaga Boyz with Artillery

WITH so many upcoming artistes progressing in Zambia, Yaga Boyz with Artillery (YBA) is one of the few that has definitely taken Zambian music on a global scene.
This young hip-hop duo is certainly taking the contemporary music scene by storm, featuring on iTunes and international music sites. They sing their hip-hop with a strong bass line and combination of secular and gospel music.
YBA, a group of two talented singers, comprises Dwayne Kapembwa stage name Racka, and Chonta Chimfumpa as Verse.
The duo first explored their music talent in high school where they met but little did they know that they could sing, until they started attending a club called Youth Alive.
This is how the two guys discovered themselves and created the group called Young Bloodz Affiliated though due to criticism about the name, they later changed the group to YBA (Yaga Boyz with Artillery).
According to Dwayne, their vision on the Zambian music industry is to bring a different style of hip-hop (Afro-pop), and to help brighten the industry so that it can be recognised around the world.
They certainly did this when they released their hot new track, Go Down Low, which was produced by Tha DJLo and featuring Ice Kid.
According to their sponsor ZeeMusic, this new track received over 700 downloads in a week, and still continues to be played on radio stations throughout Zambia, and in some clubs in London.
YBA has been working alongside a number of artistes and producers, but most in particular with producer, Tha DJLo.
“We have enjoyed a great work experience with him [Tha DJLo], as we all have a mutual goal when it comes to music. We create ideas during the recording, which is perfect as it adds feeling and uniqueness to the music.
“He’s a great person to work with, and for us, he is the best producer. We have also worked with Ice Kid and Dyce-Jr. These artists are fun and patient, so every time we do a track together, we are guaranteed it will be perfect,” YBA stated.
And ZeeMusic said: “This is just the beginning for YBA – they continue to grow and mature in the music industry, bringing hot new music that will be played on a universal scale.”