This is a very good budget in terms of cash lay outs – Katele Kalumba

Katele Kalumba
VARIOUS stakeholders have hailed the second fully tailored Patriotic Front (PF) government national budget for 2014, which they say has outlined various development policies aimed at alleviating poverty and sustaining the country’s economy.

Former Minister of Finance in the MMD government Katele Kalumba commended the PF government for presenting a budget that fully bears its imprint.
Dr Kalumba said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that he is pleased that the PF government has once again presented a budget that is clearly focusing on infrastructure development as well as social cash transfer, which when well implemented, will improve living standards in the country.
“This is a very good budget in terms of cash lay outs. The budget has talked about infrastructure development as well as the social cash transfer, which are key to uplifting the welfare of people in the country,” he said.
Dr Kalumba also said he is pleased that the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) exempt threshold has been increased from K2,200 to K3,000.
He said the move will boost the morale of workers in the country.
And Finish ambassador to Zambia Pertti Anttinen said the 2014 budget is in line with what the co-operating partners in the country were anticipating.
“This is a very commendable budget and I must say that this is what we were expecting as co-operating partners.
“The budget has touched on social protection and social cash transfer, which we were also interested in as Zambia’s co-operating partners,” Mr Anttinen said.
Zambia Congress of Trade Unions president Leonard Hikaumba said the budget has provided insights into Government’s policies aimed at achieving development goals articulated in the PF manifesto.
Mr Hikaumba said the labour movement is happy that the budget has focused on poverty reduction and job creation.