JUVENILE facing aggravated robbery charges tries to escape


A JUVENILE facing a charge of aggravated robbery yesterday bolted from the Kabwe Magistrate’s Court and hid under a bed in a house about 500 metres away.
Kabwe principal resident magistrate John Mbuzi and police officers confirmed the incident in Kabwe.
The boy ran away as soon as he alighted from a police truck which brought suspects to court.
About seven police officers gave chase and even when one police officer fired a warning shot in the air, the juvenile continued running.
“There were about 15 juveniles, who were appearing before the court. This particular one ran away when he jumped off the truck,” the police officer said.
He was apprehended about 500 metres away in a house on Second Street where he was hiding under a bed.
The police officers said a woman, who lives at the house, informed the police that the person they were chasing was in her house.
The juvenile of Serenje’s New Zambia is facing one count of aggravated robbery. The offence is contrary to Section 294 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
Particulars of the offence are that on September 13, 2013 in Kabwe, the juvenile, armed with a metal bar, allegedly robbed Rajendrakumar Patel of a sports bag and a mobile phone valued at K3,250.
Immediately before or after robbing him, the juvenile allegedly threatened to use or used actual violence to obtain the property.
The magistrate was disappointed with the boy for trying to escape and warned him against attempting to run away from lawful custody again.
Mr Mbuzi told the juvenile that an offence of aggravated robbery can only be tried by the High Court and the accused will continue appearing before him until the Director of Public Prosecutions issues a certificate of committal to the High Court.
The police also said the juvenile is wanted in Serenje in connection with a case of murder.