Zambian defiler jailed 18 yrs in Malawi

child abuse
THE Zambian High Commission in Malawi has written to the Ministry of Home Affairs to intervene in a case involving a Zambian national believed to be mentally retarded who has been jailed for 18 years with hard labour for defilement.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Malawi Charles Banda said the mission was saddened by the jailing of the Zambian, though he emphasised that the office would not support people who broke the law intentionally.

Speaking in an interview in Malawi yesterday, Mr Banda said the mission wanted the Ministry of Home Affairs to get involved in the matter and assist the convict.

According to his testimony in court during trial, the 35 year-old Zambian claimed to have been working at a farm and was framed by his employers to avoid paying him money he had worked for.

He said he wanted the ministries of Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs to intervene in the matter because of the condition in which the now convict was in.

Mr Banda said calls by the mission in Malawi to intervene did not mean that it supported wrongdoing.

“I can confirm that our Zambian national is currently serving a jail term but we have decided to engage our two ministries in Zambia because the now convict is believed to be mentally retarded and requires medical help,” he said.

He also revealed that another Zambian was currently serving an 18-month jail sentence for stealing a bicycle and warned Zambians against engaging themselves in such activities.

He appealed to Zambians wishing to travel to Malawi to use proper channels to avoid being caught up by the law.

He bemoaned the increased cases of Zambians engaged in illegal cross-border activities and that the holding of the Zambia/ Malawi Joint Permanent Commission was one way of resolving some challenges faced by the two countries.