Zambia Railways to launch strategic plan next week


THE Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) will next week launch its strategic plan aimed at increasing revenue to supplement Government’s efforts in reviving the company.
ZRL chief executive officer Muyenga Atanga said at a press briefing in Lusaka on Thursday that the company is also making between US$3 million and US$4 million per mouth.
Professor Atanga said ZRL plans to increase the amount of cargo it carries per month to 3.5 million tonnes from the current 1,350 million tonnes.
“Next week on Friday, we will be launching the strategic plan so that we actually know where we are going. In producing this plan, we involved a lot of stakeholders from Government, customers, the private sector, our employees and the union, among others,” he said.
Prof. Atanga said in its continued efforts to rehabilitate the railway, ZRL is expecting about 15 trucks of rail slippers per day from South Africa.
He said there is too much pressure on the roads and the only thing that can solve this problem is by using the railway.
Prof. Atanga said 85 percent of the Zambian cargo is ferried using the road, the development which has negatively affected the road network.
He said the railway has more advantages than roads in terms of economies of scale for the country because it can carry more cargo than trucks.
Prof. Atanga said ZRL wants to ensure that 50 percent of the country’s cargo is internally driven and its strategy is to get as many local customers as possible.
He also said the company is now focusing on moving six trains per day.
On the passenger train, Prof. Atanga said the company is moving about 800 people per day and it plans to procure more coaches in a bid to enhance customer comfort.


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