Amend laws in conflict with Access to Information Bill – Kapeya

Mwansa Kapeya
INFORMATION and Broadcasting services minister Mwansa Kapeya says Government has given one month to legal experts to undertake a review of the laws that are in conflict with the Access to Information Bill (ATI).

Mr Kapeya said the period of one month had been given to the consultant to undertake the exercise and later hand the Bill to the ministry for approval before it could be presented back to the legislative committee of Cabinet for consideration.
The minister said this yesterday in a ministerial statement to Parliament on the progress made so far on the preparation of the ATI Bill.
He assured the nation of Government’s commitment to enacting the ATI which aims at increasing openness and transparency, guaranteeing freedom of information and the right to access information.
It is also aimed at improving accountability and Government’s relationship with people.
He said enactment of the Bill was the easier part, but the implementation was much more challenging and without careful planning, the country risked having the law that could not be implemented.
He said there were 13 laws that would have been in conflict with the ATI if it weas allowed to be enacted in its current status.