Mpundu calls for accountability in the church

PRESIDENT Sata greets Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu on arrival for Medardo Cardinal Mazombwe’s requiem mass at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus on Monday. – Picture by CHANDA MWENYA.

LUSAKA Catholic Church Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has called on the church to be accountable and transparent in the manner they spend money contributed by members.

Archbishop Mpundu said many Christians are discouraged from giving because they do not know how the money they contribute to the church is spent.
“There are no sacred cows, even church leaders must account for every penny they receive from their members,” he said.
Archbishop Mpundu said once church leaders are transparent and accountable in the manner they spend money donated by church members, worshippers will be motivated to give more.
Speaking in Lusaka during a fund-raising breakfast meeting to raise money for the construction of a pastoral centre at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus, Archbishop Mpundu said the church needs money to spread the word of God.
He said church members should not stop giving money towards God’s work because money is required to reach out to the needy in society.
Archbishop Mpundu said donor fatigue is not just in nations but also in churches.
He said developed countries no longer finance African churches as they used to, hence the need to raise money for running churches locally.
Archbishop Mpundu said the money which was donated to African churches by developed countries come from ordinary people and not from companies.
He said good stewardship means that God gives people and they also give back.
“When people die, the only riches they will go with to heaven is what they gave and not what they had possessed while on earth,” Archbishop Mpundu said.
He said people should not complain when preachers are encouraging them to give because they have to contribute to the work of God.
“I get most of the money from the poorest communities who give K2 and K5 and not from rich-dominated churches. However, people must learn to give God what is rightly his though he does not care what people give,” Archbishop Mpundu said.
And former Bank of Zambia governor Caleb Fundanga said  most people think of big donors when it comes to giving but that even the humble gifts make a difference.
Dr Fundanga said donations by individuals should not be belittled but should be appreciated.
And motivational speaker Gilbert Banda said giving is not a preserve of the rich because even people who are poor can do so.
Mr Banda said the K1.3 million needed for the construction of a pastoral building can be raised by church members.
He said people should take giving as their responsibility towards the work of God and charity.
“People should not limit themselves to giving money, they should also give other things like property which they bought and is not being ultilised,” Mr Banda said.