St Andrew’s in Scotland named as ‘Britain’s Most Promiscuous University’

The Scottish university is where the Duke of Cambridge met his wife Kate Middleton [WENN]

PRINCE William’s alma mater St Andrews has been awarded the dubious honour of being named “Britain’s Most Promiscuous University”.

A controversial website, was launched last year with the specific purpose of giving members the chance to find fellow students online for the purpose of sexual encounters.

The new figures, collated by the number of times students around the country logged on to the site, revealed that St Andrews students went looking for sex on average 9.8 times per month.

Leeds University came in second with Oxford bagging the third place for promiscuity. Birmingham City came in fourth followed by the University of Manchester and London South Bank University.

Cambridge, Aberdeen and Falmouth had the lowest return rate to the Shag at Uni site, with individual monthly visits averaging 2.9, 2.4 and 1.8 visits a month respectively.

The site’s creator Tom Thurlow, said: “The visitors to the website are up on last year’s statistics by over 40 per cent, further evidence to support that students are spending more time on sites like Shag at Uni to hook up with partners rather than rely on conventional methods to find a sexual partner.

“I’ve got to say, I absolutely love the fact that students from prestigious universities such as St. Andrews and Oxford seem to be such fans of our site.”