Discipline Kabimba, says Kapata

Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata has demanded for disciplinary action against party secretary general, Wynter Kabimba over his remarks that a clique of tribal elements was pushing him out of the party.

Ms Kapata has written to the party deputy secretary general Bridget Atanga asking the central committee to take immediate disciplinary action against Mr Kabimba, who is also Justice minister.

The party secretary general has been quoted in both The Post and the Daily Nation as saying that a clique of tribal elements was financing PF cadres to demonstrate against him.

Mr Kabimba further accused Luanshya MP, Chishimba Kambwili of being part of the clique after the Sports Minister advised him to stop being arrogant and apologise to the party.

But Ms Kapata, who is also a central committee member, said Mr Kabimba was careless with his remarks and deserved to be disciplined by the central committee.

“Mr Kabimba’s utterances have brought the party in disrepute and go against Article 15(g) of the party constitution,” reads the letter dated September 27, 2013.

“It is also an offence under Article 29 (H) for a member to give false information or engage in rumours which tend to injure the reputation of the party or its officials.”

Ms Atanga said she was yet to receive the letter.

But according to the letter obtained by the Sunday Times, Mr Kabimba’s statements have also caused injury to members and brought disrepute to the party.

Ms Kapata stated that Article 37 of the PF constitution vested power to discipline members in the central committee and that Article 58 (c) mandated it to enforce disciplinary action among members and officials of the party.

The Post also revealed recently details in its editorial of a meeting by the joint central committee and Cabinet where members from one region were said to have spoken against Mr Kabimba.

In the same editorial, Ms Kapata was reported to be unhappy with Mr Kabimba for bringing Chongwe MP, Sylvia Masebo, so that she competes with the Mandevu parliamentarian.

But in an interview yesterday, Ms Kapata said she had nothing to compete with Ms Masebo and accused the party secretary general of leaking confidential information discussed in the central committee.

“I have written and I hope action will be taken immediately because that was serious,” Ms Kapata said.

“The details in the media talked about the same people that spoke but I am disappointed because I have never been in competition with Ms Masebo.”

Recently, there have been heightened calls for Mr Kabimba to resign as party secretary general for allegedly failing to run the party and for promoting a private agenda.

Mr Kabimba has also been accused of using the party structures to campaign for the party presidency and attempting to succeed President Sata ahead of the 2016 presidential elections.


  1. the same old story. Kabimba is arogant. He is like kabwili but on this one kabwili is a gentle man.kabimba must apologize 2 lubinda and the party. And kabimba wants 2 stand in 2016.and thats not a problem but the way he is taking things is to far. I wonder sata's quietness.we will see when he is back