GOVERNMENT has received US$24 million from Global Fund for malaria treatment.

GOVERNMENT has received US$24 million from Global Fund for malaria treatment.

And Zambia is celebrating the delivery of 200 million treatments of coartem dispersible treatment and launch of a “Power of One” campaign.
National Malaria Control Centre (NMCC) co-ordinator Mulakwa Kamuliwo disclosed this at a media working breakfast in Lusaka yesterday.
Dr Kamuliwo said the funds are meant for the procurement of rapid diagnostic treatment malaria drugs, insecticide-treated mosquito nets and indoor residual spraying.
“We have so far procured 5.6 million insecticide-treated nets for distribution in 2014…. we are in the process of procuring rapid diagnostic treatment and more treated nets that will be distributed during a mass campaign next year,” Dr Kamuliwo said.
He said it is the first time the malaria centre was receiving such a huge amount of money and attributed it to the political will attached to the fight against malaria in the country.
Dr Kamuliwo said Zambia remains committed to the fight against malaria as evidenced by clear national policies and guidelines for malaria control and strong partners’ co-ordination.
“There has been an increased financial resource from Government, which gives us the strength to continue the fight against malaria and also regular impact assessments,” Dr Kamuliwo said.
And Zambia has launched the “Power of One” campaign aimed at filling the gap left by the donor community.
Novartis manager for Africa operations and malaria initiatives Nathan Mulure said it is a three-year public fundraising campaign aimed at delivering malaria rapid diagnostic treatment to children.
Novartis is a leading malaria control and elimination programme in healthcare.
Dr Mulure said the “Power of One” campaign would enable the public to fund malaria tests and treatment for children in Africa through the latest online and mobile technology.
The campaign will allow United States citizens to contribute a dollar to save a life in Africa.
Novartis is the exclusive campaign treatment sponsor and will donate to three-million full courses of Coartem Dispersible, its paediatric anti-malarial, doubling the impact of public donations.
Zambia is a recipient of the “Power of One” campaign and has in the past received over 200,000 rapid diagnostic treatment and malaria drugs.
These commodities have already been distributed to health facilities in the country.
Dr Mulure has commended Zambia for its outstanding performance in the use of domestic fundraising initiatives.