‘Don’t buy Samsung phones without warranty’


SAMSUNG Electronics Zambia has warned customers against buying new and second-hand smartphones from anauthorised sellers because that puts consumers at a risk of purchasing products that are potentially defective and unprotected by warranties.
With global smartphone sales expected to hit the one billion mark in 2013, driven by low-cost handsets and gains in markets like Zambia, consumers would be keen to purchase phones, sometimes from unlicensed suppliers.
Samsung Electronics Zambia country manager, James Chona said Samsung offered unique warranties and extras to customers who purchased genuine products from authorised dealers.
“We are seeing a shift in the market where consumers are beginning to see the value of warranties for their smartphone purchases. The smartphone has gone from being a cutting-edge device to becoming an essential component in the everyday lives of consumers.
“Because of this, smartphones are prone to damage and consumers do not benefit from warranties when they purchase phones from individuals or unlicensed suppliers.” Mr Chona said.
Mr Chona said consumers purchasing a genuine Samsung device enjoyed the benefits of comprehensive device protection as registered devices were covered by a 24 month warranty.
He said one such device was the Galaxy S4 which gave additional cover such as accidental damage from handling.
Consumers should ensure that they bought a genuine Samsung phone by registering for E. Warranty immediately they put a sim card in their handsets.
“ADH covers screen and liquid damage repairs to Samsung S4 devices that are damaged within the Samsung 24 month warranty period. Current sales of the S4 are priced in nearly the same range by licensed suppliers as they are with individuals but the benefit of buying genuine products is also to protect consumers from the risk of purchasing phones with a defective history,” Mr Chona said.