UN Zambia Launches Post 2015 Development Campaign

United Nations Resident Coordinator Khani Wignaraja

THE United Nations in Zambia has launched its Post-2015 Development  campaign, focused on the priority issues of inequality and the condition of young people in Zambia.
This follows the national dialogues on the Post-2015 Development Agenda held across the country earlier this year. Following the results of the consultations, the two issues were adopted as the UN Country Team Signature Issues for 2013-2014.
Zambia falls in the group of countries with high inequalities. 52 per cent of Zambians are below 18 years. The country has the largest population of young people ever in its history.

UN Resident Coordinator in Zambia, Kanni Wignaraja said Zambia’s young population and its robust economic growth present extraordinary possibilities for the country to fast progress towards becoming a Middle Income Country with high human development.
She however noted that reducing the current state of inequality as well as addressing key challenges in education, health and employment as faced by young Zambians is essential to get there She added, As we move ahead at full steam towards the MDG deadline of 2015, development actors, including the government, private sector and civil society, must make bold and determined decisions on the policy and investment choices that will have the highest impact on reducing poverty and inequality. Zambia can be among those exceptional countries that have made this happen. She said the UN in Zambia will organise various events, including a UN Day Music Concert and school outreach activities during the month of October, to create further awareness and motivate young people to get more engaged on these issues and shape their future.
Wignaraja further disclosed that the 2013 UN Day Music Concert will be held on 19th October at Barclays Sports Complex. A number of Zambian  musicians will work with the UN team to take this campaign forward.