Harry Kalaba determined to fight graft in his Ministry

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Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Minister, Harry Kalaba, says he will not tolerate corrupt activities in his ministry as it has tarnished the image of the Ministry.

Speaking when he addressed members of staff at the Ministry of Lands this afternoon, Mr. Kalaba says he will ensure officers who have been involved in corrupt activities in the issuance of land face the long arm of the law.

Mr. Kalaba has told members of staff that he is there not to politicize the land wrangles that have rocked the country but to ensure that all members of staff do the right thing.

The PF Bahati Member of Parliament adds that all those grabbing land by way of using dubious means will not be tolerated because they are the ones who are bringing the name of the ministry in disrepute.

Mr. Kalaba has since urged members of the public to refuse to bribe land officers when applying for land but report such officers to his office.