Ndola council steps up stray dogs fight


NDOLA City Council (NCC) has urged all dog owners to keep their pets indoors to prevent them from being killed.

NCC public relations officer Louise Thole said even if a dog had been registered, it would be considered a stray animal if it was found outside a yard.
She advised those without fences to build kennels for their pets and that if they could not manage to do that, to tie them to trees or poles.
Ms Thole said council personnel, with the help of veterinary officers, were working to stop all dogs from moving about.
She said each yard was expected to have a maximum of two dogs.
“If a house consists of two households they will still be expected to have a maximum of two dogs because the council is considering a yard and not the number of households within a yard.
“If any family decides to own more than two dogs, the extra dogs will be paid for, an amount of K60 for a year,” she said.
Ms Thole advised members of the public to report cases of stray dogs to the council to avoid dog bites that may lead to rabies.
She said the killing of stray dogs was an ongoing process which started in March this year, adding that the public should not complain because they were informed and sensitised on the registration process last year.