Matero Market gutted

Kabwata market
FIRE swept through Matero market in Lusaka Sept 15th , leaving some shops extensively damaged.

Police deputy spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga said the fire started around 02:00 hours and was quenched by fire brigade officers who rushed to the scene.
He said no deaths were recorded. Two people who were spending nights in the affected shops were caught up in the inferno but managed to escape unhurt.
Mr Hamoonga said the most affected shop belonged to Maggis Makanta, who lost property worth more than K60, 000.
Mr Hamoonga has since advised people to ensure they switch off candles before going to sleep because police suspected that the fire could have been caused by a burning candle.
He said this was the second time Matero market was being gutted, with the last incident being in March this year.
Meanwhile, a container of home-made muzzle loaders at the Zambia Wildlife Authority in Chilanga was gutted yesterday ( Sept 15th)
Mr Hamoonga said the fire damaged more than 3,200 muzzle loaders whose value was not known because police were still conducting investigations in the matter.