Mumba Malila’s comment on his and Mutembo Nchito’s excessive salary reports

Mumba Malila
Mumba Malila
Attorney General (AG) Mumba Malila has refuted media reports suggesting that he together with Director of Public of Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito and Solicitor General Musa Mwenye are getting excessive salaries more than Judges.

The media reports have revealed that Mr. Malila earns K353 million per year, while Mr. Nchito and Mr. Mwenye both earn K343 million a year.

This is also in comparison to the Chief Justice who reportedly earns K272 million a year, Deputy Chief Justice K267 million, with the Supreme Court Judges earning K226 million per year and High Court Judges K218 million per year.

Mr. Malila has told Qfm in a telephone interview that salaries for the Attorney General, DPP, Solicitor General, the Investigator General, and the Auditor General are all matters of law and that there is nothing to hide about them.

Mr. Malila states that the prescriptions of the said salaries are set out in an ACT of Parliament and Statutory Instruments.

He has also dismissed assertions that the salaries paid to him, the DPP and SG are allegedly a form of bribe for them to continue bringing Patriotic Front-inclined frivolous cases to court.