How Ghanaian Pastors Crushed Zambian ”witch doctors”

Zambian witch doctor

With the dust now settled following the epic World Cup qualifier between Ghana and Zambia, more facts and revelations continue to emerge. Did Ghana really employ pastors to counter the alleged threat of witch doctors from Zambia?

Reports suggest that the Ghana Football Association intercepted information about the advanced Zambian contingent of 200 supporters on a chartered flight from South Africa.

The mystery surrounding 25 of them being alleged ”witch doctors” suddenly took centre stage. Whether or not they had in their possession what was believed to ”sea water” taken at the site of the tragic plane crash off the coast of Gabon 10 years ago, we may never know.

But what is certain is that for one week, the Kumasi sports stadium became a fortress where pastors battled against what was coming but never came. Other media reports also suggested the same ”ghosts” water had been spiritually fortified and would have been sprinkled on the pitch at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium if the Zambian team were allowed to train before the game.

According to a specific report emanating from Zambia, the plan was to avoid Accra and fly straight to Kumasi to perform rituals at the main gate, pitch and dressing room ahead of the match. This was also thwarted due to lack of access by a combination of national security, GFA and ministry efforts.

The plot thickened as information was leaked to the GFA who notified the Sports Ministry.

Following this, it is alleged that the Sports Minister then had two pastors embedded with the Zambian team immediately they landed under the pretext of additional security.

Interestingly, the Zambian hotel in Kumasi had already been secured by Ghanaian national security operatives and several pastors who had checked in as fans to monitor their every move.

According to a stadium worker, just before midnight on eve of big match, Minister led the pastors to the stadium to pray on the pitch. When asked to confirm the reports, Hon Afriyie Ankrah stated that ”Ghanaians prayed for victory and the Black Stars won so that is the most important thing and not necessarily where and how people prayed”.

Meanwhile the GFA has clarified a number of vexing issues in a statement that rejected all the Zambian claims aimed at twisting the facts and deceiving the public following their inability to train at the Baba Yara Stadium.

The GFA assured the world football fraternity that they played according to all FIFA Fair Play rules towards Zambia as has always been the case with all visiting teams.




  1. This is really stupidity. Superstition at its best, football is just a game where there are only 3 results win, draw or loose. We lost to Ghana not because their so called Pastors prayed against us but it is just a game. The Ghanaians are so superstitious no wonder they act those useless witchcraft movies which are not even true because that is not how God works as believer we don't fight for victory but fight from victory because Christ overcame and gave us the victory

  2. if the infomation in this aticle is true then we need to expel all gananian nationals and close their stupid can they accuse zambia of witch craft when yet the concentration of satanism is so concentrated in west hell with the Gana football association