PSP calls for roll out of social cash transfer

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Platform for Social Protection (PSP) has called on government to ensure that it rolls out the social cash transfer system to all districts to help cover all destitute households.

Speaking during the media luncheon in Lusaka this afternoon, Platform for social protection country coordinator Mutale Wakunuma says this will also help target all households who are not covered by disability allowance social pensions or child grants.

Ms. Wakunuma explains that there is need to ensure that social protection measures to mitigate effects of the crisis and prevent vulnerable households from entering poverty are in place.

She says micro financing programmes to promote poor households by way of spring boards that bring back onto their feet need to be made available across the board.

Ms. Wakunuma adds that it is also important to have streamlined support to those chronically ill by making appropriate medication and treatment free and readily available in all parts of the country.

She stresses that such support should further include targeted support programmes such as scope or scale to cushion the increased costs and indirect opportunity costs incurred by the illness.