Husband divorces wife after being subjected to years of washing nappies


THE Lusaka Boma local court has heard how a 23-year-old wife of Lusaka subjected her husband of seven years to washing nappies and doing household chores.
The court was also told how the woman abandoned her husband and two children for more than five months and only returned home with a three-month pregnancy.
This is in a case in which Yohane Nyirenda, 38, sued his wife, Iredy Chalomfwa, for divorce after she returned home with a pregnancy he did not know about.
Magistrate Mable Mwaba heard how Nyirenda was for seven years subjected to performing household chores each time he returned from work while Chalomfwa would go on drinking sprees.
The two got married in 2005 and have two children and Nyirenda said the marriage rocked by problems because of Chalomfwa’s extreme laziness.
He said his wife would leave home for several months and he forgave her in the hope that she would change.
“All my efforts to make her the kind of wife I wanted were in vain. I used to do everything for her, but taking care of another man’s child would not work for me,” Nyirenda said.
“I have stayed with a woman who never even knew how to bath her own children for seven years. I was doing everything for her while she went to have fun with her friends, now she wants me to love her together with the child she is expecting. I think enough is enough,” he said.
Chalomfwa admitted all the allegations leveled against her, saying she had nothing to say but wanted her husband to forgive her and accept her together with the child she was expecting.
She said the child she was expecting was not her husband’s but for another man only identified as Jacob who promised her a better marriage compared to the one she had with Nyirenda.
Passing judgment, Magistrate Mwaba said Chalomfwa was a disgrace to the womenfolk and did not deserve a good man like Nyirenda.
Ms Mwaba granted divorce and said no compensation was to be given to Chalomfwa as she was Jacob’s responsibility.
And when the magistrate granted the two divorce Nyirenda’s mother was overjoyed seeing his son freed from the bondage of the marriage he had been trapped in for a long time.