Sata warns Cabinet ministers

President Michael Sata

PRESIDENT Sata on Wednesday evening used the official closure of the premier UNWTO event in Livingstone to subtly warn his Cabinet ministers that none of them are  indispensible.
Veering off his written speech, which often catches journalists off guard, the Commander-in-Chief stamped his authority on the event by stating for the record that he would give anyone out of line “marching orders” and possibly make “reshuffles.”
President Sata lightly touched on Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, also in Livingstone for the event by saying: “If you bother to ask Honourable Masebo [Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo], in Zambia, even if you have the thinnest minister like GBM [Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba], they are all under marching orders.”
The President also had a reminder for his officers: “But don’t think that you can’t be reshuffled,” sending delegates into cautious laughter.
During the same function, the President announced the death of the wife of Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe and called for a minute of silence in her honour.
“I am sorry to disturb all of you. My provincial minister in charge of Southern Province is not here because he has lost his dear wife,” Mr Sata said.
Angela (Mrs Munkombwe) died in Lusaka on Tuesday after being evacuated from Choma.
President Sata also extended his gratitude to Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo and her entire team for the hard work and time they invested to  ensure that the event was a ‘resounding’ success.
“I wish to commend ministers and officials from the two ministries responsible for tourism in Zambia and Zimbabwe for a job very well done during preparations and the successful hosting of the general assembly,” President Sata said.
It remains unclear why President Sata sounded the warning in Livingstone.
Lately, however, a debate has raged in the country with some top government officials, including party leaders engaging in a debate that at certain points appeared to have the potential to harm the ruling party.