Jazz Guitarist Robert Mwamba Passion for Music

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If its music that you love and enjoy, you’re in the right place because jazz guitarist Robert Mwamba is visiting The Wealthy Speaker Show to share his passion for music. Robert will be discussing the appeal and draw music has on his spirit with host Paul Lawrence Vann.


This Zambian born musical artist studied music at Baruch College in New York and after graduating with a double major in Finance and Economics, Robert worked in management and investments for Bank of America.

Robert Mwamba @ All About Jazz.jpg
Robert Mwamba @ All About Jazz.jpg

Robert is considered to be the next George Benson and came under the tuteagage of bassist Milt “The Judge” Hinton who is regarded as the most recorded musician in history.

Wealthy Speaker Show listeners are in for an exciting and entertaining episode with Robert. You will also have the opportunity to listen to Robert perform and he will share insight on his upcoming debut album as well.

He has performed for President Barack Obama, at the United Nations for the past two Secretary-General’s: Ban Ki Moon and Koffi Annan, as well as Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Records and Vigin United.

Robert also studied music at the American Institue of Guitar with Principal Jazz Conductor, Peter Mazza and privately with legendary guitarist Rodney Jones.

Robert Mwamba recently played the world renowned Blues Alley in Washington, DC and he will be releasing his debut album very soon.