UNWTO opens with spectacular opening ceremony

Paricipants of the Victoria Falls street Carnival stand next to a Rhino dressed in Zimbabwean colours
UNWTO opens with spectacular opening ceremony
UNWTO opens with spectacular opening ceremony

IT MAY not have reached the dizzying heights of the 2008 Beijing Olympics or 2012 London Olympics but the opening ceremony of UNWTO was something to behold.
The fireworks that lit up the skies with screaming multiple colours added to what was already a memorable spectacle here.
The town sits threateningly on the cliff from where the Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls can be viewed clearly.
The river snakes its way downhill, cutting through the rocks and thundering into the gorge to form what is known as the Victoria Falls.
The waters gush angrily to the bottom of the gorge and spin down before collecting and forming the river once again. All this can be viewed from the Victoria Falls Hotel.
The venue was a perfect choice for the opening ceremony of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation general assembly.
And if one thought dusk would mask the beauty of the falls and the bridge, they would be mistaken; the light from the hotel brings out the beauty, what with the lights hugging massive trees and about 1,000 attendees admiring it all.
The thought-provoking speeches, captivating dances from the Zimbabwe Cultural Ensemble and the diversity of the delegates added to the splendour