The World Bank commends govt for outlined principles in the revised SNDP

World Bank HQ
The World Bank has commended the Patriotic Front (PF) government’s outlined principles for job creation and poverty reduction contained in the revised Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP).

The revised SNDP is a medium term national plan which will run for three years starting from this year to the year 2016.

World Bank country Representative Kundhavi Kadiresan has observed that the principles of prioritization and being selective when spending allocated funds in the revised SNDP will help address the issue of thin distribution of funds which lead to failure of implementing programs and projects.

Ms. Kadiresan has also notes that the principle of value for money is another principle that will further ensure an effective implementation of the revised SNDP.

Speaking in an interview with QFM Ms. Kadiresan has since expressed the World Bank’s aspirations of seeing the effective implementation of the revised SNDP.