Princess Diana assassination claim: SAS man ‘a reliable witness’


THE elite special forces officer behind a new claim that Princess Diana was killed by the SAS should be accepted as a credible witness, an expert on the circumstances of her death said last night.

The explosive new allegation that the Princess was killed by crack SAS soldiers acting on orders from MI6 emerged with the disclosure of a letter written by the officer’s mother-in-law. In it she claims he told his wife his crack unit “arranged” Diana’s death.

After extracts of the letter were published earlier this week, the officer was branded a “loose cannon” whose word could not be trusted. But now leading investigator John Morgan has come forward to insist the SAS man, known as Soldier N, will emerge as a “witness of truth” and that his allegations will be proved correct.

The author spoke out after the dramatic new allegation forced the Met Police to contact Prince Charles to notify him of their interest. It has prompted widespread calls for a fresh inquiry.

The seven-page letter by Soldier N’s mother-in-law was written around the time his marriage collapsed in September 2011. In the letter, the mother-in-law says Soldier N also boasted about killing women and children. She claimed he once threatened to “make his wife disappear”.Despite suggestions that Soldier N’s claims cannot now be relied upon, only weeks earlier he was regarded as a credible “witness of truth” whose sworn testimony was believed by the military tribunal that convicted his former housemate and fellow SAS sniper Danny Nightingale of illegally possessing a gun and ammunition.

Mr Morgan said: “One of the most interesting aspects is that the British authorities have known about this for two years.

“The letter from the mother-in-law of the SAS soldier was sent in September 2011 and its only now in August 2013 they are starting to look into it – it shows they don’t take this sort of thing seriously.

“The allegation is that Soldier N told his wife the SAS were involved in the assassination of Princes Diana and it’s been covered up. Does he dream it up out of thin air? I don’t think so. It’s hard to believe he would be making this up.