Debate on Sata’s endorsements is uncalled – Ng’oma

George W. Bush and President Sata.jpg
George W. Bush and President Sata.jpg
George W. Bush and President Sata.jpg

Political analyst Alex Ng’oma says President Michael Sata is a very popular leader among Patriotic Front members who does not need to be endorsed to go for a second term.

Commenting on the ongoing debate in the Patriotic Front on the endorsement of President Sata as the PF’s sole candidate for 2016 elections , Dr. Ngoma says those endorsing him are merely creating unnecessary debates that will not yield any fruits.

Dr. Ng’oma says those endorsing President Sata want to be seen as close friends to President Sata, when the constitution allows him to go for two five year terms.

He adds that those endorsing the President are also doing so to win the heart of the Head of State.

Dr. Ng’oma adds that time will come when the Patriotic Front will have to go to the convention which will be the appropriate time for people to start endorsing him.

He says the debate on the endorsements is uncalled for stating that there are serious issues that require to be debated on that will help move the country forward.

In the recent weeks’ debate has heightened in the ruling Patriotic Front pitting those endorsing President Sata’s 2016 candidature led by Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba and those who feel the endorsements are unnecessary.