Z-CARD selected to promote Barclays debit card in Zambia

Barclays debit card

Barclays, with 100 years’ experience in Zambia, has chosen a credit card-sized Z-CARD to educate customers on its Barclays debit card.

“The Barclays brand has grown to recognise the need for alternative transactions and service channels that make access to real-time service easy and aligned to modern day living,” says Barclays’ retail director, Simangolwa Shakalima.
The Z-CARD thus explains the new Barclays Debit Card to customers and educates them about how they can use their card to make payments and to access cash. It also provides important information about the debit card pin number and how to keep this secure, and what to do if their card is stolen.
“We are distributing the Z-CARD®s to customers, together with debit card holders, when they collect their new card. The Z-CARD®s fit neatly into the debit card pouch, ensuring that our customers can refer to the information any time that they use their debit card,” says Shakalima.
Barclays maintains traditional banking services by providing the widest variety of deposit, investment and lending products, for all sectors of Zambian society, with insurance covers ranging from hospitalisation, travel, funeral and life.