Govt ponders amendment to Intestate succession ACT

Children- Kafue, Zambia . Credit Brian Moonga-IPS
Government says it will consider amending the Intestate Succession ACT amended amidst concerns that the legislation does not adequately protect the rights of widows and orphans in the country.

One of the proponents of the amendment of the Intestate Succession ACT, Justice for Widows and Orphans is of the view that the legislation be also translated into local languages and distributed across the country to make its existence known amongst the ordinary people in the country.

Ministry of Justice Deputy Minister Ngosa Simbyakula says the Patriotic Front (PF) government remains committed to updating any laws that do not adequately address objectives on which they were enacted.

Dr. Simbyakula has told Qfm in an interview that the PF government will engage all stakeholders in reviewing the Intestate Succession ACT in order to broaden its perimeters.

And Dr. Simbyakula says the PF is also pondering on having the Intestate Succession ACT translated into the local languages in order for more people to have access to the legislation.


  1. Isn't this a re-invention of the wheel by GRZ? I ask because a similar review process proposed by PF government was initiated by MMD government in 2011 or thereabouts – I hope the PF government will just finalise the process by means of drafting the Bill, because extensive submissions have already been made by key informants. NGOCC and WLSA please make a follow up and save public funds that might be wasted by repeating the same exercise.