Teacher unions condemn Chikankata sex incident

Chikankata mission Secondary School

THREE Teachers’ unions have called on law enforcement agencies to slap charges of pornography on teachers at Chikankata Secondary School reported to have filmed pupils in sexual acts.
Last Thursday, authorities at Chikankata Secondary School suspended 12 pupils who included six girls and six boys after they were allegedly caught having sex in one of the school dormitories.
The Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT), Secondary School Teachers Union of Zambia (SESTUZ) and Basic Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ) said in separate interviews in Lusaka yesterday that the matter must be investigated thoroughly and culprits should be brought to book.
ZNUT deputy secretary general Catherine Chinunda said punitive action such as the one that has been taken against the pupils should also be taken against teachers that were involved.
“This matter must be investigated so that the named teachers reported to have instructed the grade 12 pupils who included six girls and six boys to repeat the sex act while they stood and watched be brought to book,” Ms Chinunda said.
Meanwhile, SESTUZ deputy secretary general Emmanuel Zulu called on investigative wings to visit the area and probe the matter, which he described as an embarrassment to the society.
Mr Zulu said while he strongly condemned the pupils’ actions, the action taken by teachers to ask them to repeat the action while they watched and took pictures is so regrettable and tantamount to acts of pornography.
He said if proved to be true, the teachers, just like the suspended pupils, should be made to account for their action.
And Southern Province BETUZ deputy director Christopher Sinkala described the revelations as “embarrassing and a sign of moral decay among pupils”.
Mr Sinkala said the union is disheartened by the news and has urged parents to take an active role in inculcating morals in their children.
He wondered how pupils at a mission school, which promotes morality, could resort to having sex.
Mr Sinkala said the expulsion of the 12 pupils is a lesson to others so that they uphold moral values and the tenets of Christianity.
He called on law enforcement agencies to investigate the matter so that the law can also be applied to the teachers who instructed the pupils to again have sex while they were filming.
The 12 pupils have since been instructed to stay home and only return to school to write their final examinations.