Authority (IBA) ‘cracks whip’ on Radio,TV stations

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The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has given Television and Radio stations that have neglected to renew their broadcast licenses up to the end of September to do so or risk their licenses being suspended.

IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma in a statement issued to QFM News today says the authority has since embarked on a countrywide inspection of all broadcasting stations and has urged all broadcasting stations to be expectant of inspectors anytime.

Ms Mapoma warns broadcast stations to put their houses in order and follow their broadcast licenses earnestly.

She notes that broadcasting stations when applying for their licenses submitted program schedules that they are meant to follow once in operation, and also guidelines and rules that broadcast stations must follow.

Ms Mapoma says the IBA has learnt that there are television and radio stations that have neglected to renew their broadcast licenses.

The IBA Director General says the Inspection team has commenced countrywide inspections beginning with the Copperbelt were a number of radio stations have since been inspected.