Effective inter-party dialogue among political parties needed – KK

President Michael Sata & KK

First republican President Kenneth Kaunda has noted the need for an effective inter-party dialogue among political parties in the country to deal with governance issues and other national concerns.

Speaking in Lusaka this morning at the official opening of the first Council of African Political Parties (CAPP) Council Executive Meeting, Dr. Kaunda has also called for dialogue among political parties from among African countries to address the continent’s challenges.

He has express confidence in the CAPP, which was only launched in April this year that it has the potential to greatly help address the many challenges that the African continent is being faced with.

Dr. Kaunda has stressed that with a renewed commitment to forge unity, social and economic justice and general development, African countries through organizations such as the CAPP is also able to redress the injustice that the African people are suffering as a result of both local and external forces.

Speaking earlier at the same event CAPP president and Zambia’s Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba called for sustainability of the legacy left by the many African leaders that fought for the continent’s liberation.

Mr. Kabimba singled Dr. Kaunda, Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere and Harry Mkumbula as some of the African leaders whose legacy should be sustained on the African continent.

Mr. Kabimba, who is also Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General, further observed that time has come for the African people to recognize each other as one people regardless of which country they come from because the challenges that Africa is facing are common among all its countries.

And CAPP Secretary General Nafie Ali Nafie noted that by hosting the first ever CAPP Council Executive Meeting, Zambia has set itself as an example for other African countries to follow.