Cops tow boy 19


A NINETEEN-YEAR-OLD boy of John Howard Township in Lusaka is nursing serious injuries after being towed by a police van for more than one kilometre when officers raided his mother’s home around 22:00 hours on Monday.
Regan Musonda was severely beaten before being chained to a moving van after the officers from Chawama Police Station accused him of contempt of court after he allegedly failed to appear before court on Monday.
The officers also dropped a fully loaded magazine of an AK47 rifle in the house as they took turns in slapping and kicking the young boy who is currently receiving treatment from Chawama Health Centre.
Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo and Lusaka Police chief Joyce Kasosa said police were investigating the matter and would issue a comprehensive statement once the probe was completed.
Musonda’s mother was temporarily forced into police cells at the station before being released after some officers allegedly acoerced her into paying K22.50 as admission of guilt fee.
Musonda, who lives with his mother Marvellous, said the officers raided the home at night before dragging him to a van where two officers he identified as a Mr Litungi and a Mr Samala took turns in kicking him.
“I don’t refuse that I had a case which happened more than two months ago but I didn’t know I was supposed to appear before the court because the case was withdrawn in the presence of the officers,” he said.
“They chained and beat me until I fainted but even after regaining my consciousness they continued beating and kicking me before throwing in the cells with handcuffs,” added Musonda, who is currently complaining of body pains and bruises.
Musonda said he was only unchained early on Tuesday after some inmates called the officers on duty that his condition had worsened in the cells.
His mother said she tried to plead with the officers to spare her son but received insults and whips in return as the officers accused her of obstructing the arrest of Musonda.
The officers at the station, however, issued the victim with a medical report but refused to issue an arrest warrant for the two officers involved after the mother took back the report from Chawama Clinic.
When contacted, Ms Katongo confirmed that Musonda had been issued with a medical report and that officers at the station were waiting for his return before instituting investigations.
“According to the information that we have, the victim was supposed to appear in court but he jumped bail and the officers were just executing the warrant,” Ms Katongo said.
“However, the police are only allowed to use minimum force but if they even lost a magazine, then it is clear that there was struggle to get the suspect.”
She said there were many stories around the case although brutality was not justified.