Artist Highlight: Pentagon

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SOURCE : Zambia Daily Mail

WHILE his peers are seemingly thriving on music which has even prompted Government to brand as vulgar new music sensation Pentagon, is heading in the opposite direction.
Pentagon, who was born Dennis Musune 24 years ago in Kafue town, has commended Government and all stakeholders for upholding cultural ethics in the local music industry.
“Government is right on to condemn my fellow artistes who have limited themselves to singing vulgar lyrics at the expense of educational songs,” said Pentagon.
Buoyed by his new radio and club hit track titled Chishala, Pentagon said he was in tune with the genre music artistes such as B-Flow and Judy Yo have opted to compose.
Sighting the duo’s gender campaign songs of A Cry of a Woman and Judy Yo’s personal effort on Anaka, Pentagon hopes to emulate them.
Inspired by the likes of B1 and one of Zambia’s most creative songwriters and singers, Danny Kaya, Pentagon began his music career while at secondary school.
“I used to mime a lot to Hamooba’s songs while at school and often times, I found the music of Don Williams and Mark Anthony quite inspiring,” he says.


The former Mugoto and Nega Nega Basic schools pupil in Mazabuka said he was always lured into some miming antics during variety shows by his peers.
By the time the young crooner was enrolled at St. Stephen’s Secondary School in Lusaka, the music of Hamooba’s Hamzway was ever on his lips.
Later in the years, rhumba and Nigerian rhythms took its toll on him and Pentagon reveals that he also marvelled at Fally Ipupa and P-Square’s success.
“Congo DR’s Fally Ipupa and Nigeria’s P-Square are an exciting lot. Their music is by any standards the best among the most successful artistes on the African continent,” he observed.
Before venturing into big time recording studio works, Pentagon regularly worked with B1 and Espe, long before the duo emerged on the local music scene.
During the recording and after the release of the duo’s Perfecto (B1) and Mistaken Identity (Espe) albums, Pentagon was also engaged with the new kids on the block.
“I had a wonderful experience working with B1 and Espe, especially after the successful release of their current albums,” said Pentagon, who is single.
With shows linedup almost simultaneously across the buzzing city of Lusaka, Pentagon joined the duo on the road for some live ‘jig-swings’!
Even when he was either an opening act or backing-up vocalist for the likes of Batu, Pentagon said he knew he was destined to hit his own fine notes.
Sooner than later, in 2010, the sleek crooner was heading for Jerry Fingerz’s Flat-line studios to start work on his debut single, the smash hit Chishala.
Having listened to several of his contemporaries, Pentagon said he felt he should not fall into the trap of singing songs contain vulgar language.
With the song Chishala, which features Sikiriti Ku Bed singer B1 and Red Linso, hitting the airwaves, Pentagon was thus set to rule on the local music circuit.
“I have had some positive response from the music fraternity and the media at large and I hope to finish recording my debut album before the end of the year,” said Pentagon.
After the release of Chishala, Pentagon became something of a local music prodigy, often performing wherever people get the funk out of their faces!
His more recent shows with Shimpanzee at Mayela night club as well as his follow-up acts in Livingstone, Katete, Choma and Chirundu, have been described as “explosive”.
With his fellow social commentators such as B’Gee, Chiko Wise and Don-Yo, occasionally joining him on the road, Pentagon has now set his eyes on the international scene.
“I have also been working with the Burning Youth band as you know, live music is slowly coming back to the fore,” said Pentagon, the fifth born in a family of six.
On his new songs, Pentagon said he was excited to have worked with some of the most established recording artistes, including Israel (formerly known Exile).
He has collaborated with Israel on the song Vibaba, with Mistaken Identity singer Espe featuring on the track Dalitso Yanga, while Red Linso and Masi both feature on the song Lumvwi.
Pentagon listed the other tracks to be contained on his debut album as Zuba, Pick ‘n’ Pay and Candle, while the gospel groove titled Mwe Lesa simply edifies the Lord.
After featuring on Innocent “Smooth IK” Kalaluka’s Smooth Talk Show, where he clarified that the song Chishala was his own composition and not B1’s, Pentagon headed to Kazungula border town.
“I have had some successful shows at Choma hotel, Chirundu’s Gambino night club, Malo Gardens in Katete as well as in Kazungula in the last few weeks,” bragged Pentagon.
When he is not in the recording studio, Pentagon, who is a sworn fan of Manchester United FC, says he enjoys watching football at the stadiums as well as on the small screens. God bless!

SOURCE : Zambia Daily Mail