Artist Highlight: Nathan Nyirenda

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AFTER kneeling in prayer and releasing his award-winning Mwemakufi hit, Nathan Nyirenda (left) took four years to scribe his latest masterpiece Life.

The gospel hit maker whose 2006 hit sparked controversy as politicians snatched the title track and attempted to turn it into a campaign slogan, is back, a little political again but still realistic.

In an interview, Nathan said he had taken time off to write new material for his latest project.

“…I have been writing songs. You see, a good song takes time to compose and it was better to take this long and come up with something that will make people happy.

“It’s like bread, just because it’s smelling nice in the oven and you can see the appetising brown colour through the glass, doesn’t mean it s fit for consumption,’ he says.

Nathan Nyirenda
Nathan Nyirenda

So what has Nathan Nyirenda brought this time around?
“It’s a 13-track album called Life.

In this project I am trying to be as realistic as before. You see, people especially us Christians, we have to be realistic in what we do. When a pastor is preaching there are many people in church who are not really listening, their mind is somewhere else.

“They are thinking about their problems outside the Church, they are thinking about how they will pay rent.

So I am saying through one of the songs that as Christians, let’s be realistic in what we preach and how we help fellow Christians who are faced with situations,” he says.

True to his words, Nathan’s latest album is a diverse project; talking about the daily livelihood of Zambians, their hardships and challenges.

Like Mwemakufi, Life stands a good chance of topping the local gospel charts, especially looking at the quality of instrumentation and arrangement of songs. But that will have to be decided by his fans.


SOURCE : The Weekend Post